“LaurDIY” is a website and online personality devoted to inspiring the creativity within others, and making your everyday life just a little cuter and personalized. I publish weekly videos featuring topics such as DIY tutorials, fashion – “Outfit of the Days”, hair and beauty tutorials and miscellaneous “tag” videos when I come across one I love! Through the integration of YouTube videos, I have the opportunity to combine a walk-through explanation, while displaying each step as the tutorial unfolds. Although I began my DIYs in the form of photo tutorials, I have found that the response and interest through the use of video has rapidly increased my online presence as not only an influencer but a role model to girls of a wide age range. And somehow, this week night hobby that started in a dorm room, has become a business and passion that I hope to continue into the future.


What I Can Do For You

The YouTube community is an amazing place that many people turn to when looking for honest product/brand reviews, styling tips and how-to tutorials. It has become a resource for our generation to learn how to do just about anything! I have worked with brands such as Biore, The Hunt, eOne Films, Tarte Cosmetics, Proctor & Gamble, Duck Tape and many more to review and promote their product to my audience, in an honest and genuine manner. Lookbooks, giveaways and haul videos are a great opportunity to expose your brand to a new market, please reach out if you are interested in seeing my latest branded content. For me, I love being able to see what a clothing item looks like on the average person, rather than how amazing the model makes it look.


Let’s Talk Numbers

Current Subscribers: 1.035,000+
Current Total Video Views: 42,000,000+
New Subscribers Within Last 30 Days: 65,000
Monthly Video Views Within Last 30 Days: 4,000,000
Updated: October 10th, 2014