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July 2013



Apartment Decor DIY: Glitter Canvas Wall Art

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The keys to my new apartment are only a few weeks away, so I decided it was the perfect opportunity to start doing some apartment decor DIYs! I did a little series last summer with some other canvas art and such which I’ll link at the end of this post if you missed them or are new to the laurDIY channel (and yes I know I look like a total baby in the old videos), and you guys had a great reaction to it! So to kick off the 2013 apartment decor series I couldn’t think of anything better than to get my DIY on with 2 of my favourite things: glitter and gold! I’ve been dying to have free reign over how I’m allowed to decorate my apartment, and since landlords can be super controlling about what you’re allowed to do (aka my last landlord), I was SO happy to learn that I pretty much had no rules in terms of putting holes in the walls and painting! If you don’t follow me on pinterest, you can check out my “Apartment” board for the inspiration I’ve been using. ANYWAYS, back to the DIY, this week’s decor DIY shows tutorials on two different ways to use glitter and a canvas to make some super cute art on a budget! Enjoy!! <3

Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue (I would suggest using this!) – Michaels
Mod Podge (gloss finish) – Michaels
Krylon Spray Adhesive – Michaels (I’ve heard hairspray works just as well)
Krylon Sealant Spray – Michaels
16×20″ Canvas – Michales (bought them on sale 2 for $6!!)
Paintbrush – Dollar Store
Tub of Glitter – Michaels
Painter’s Tape/Scotch Tape
Stencil for Deer Head

So Good – HugLife Remix

2012 Apartment Decor Videos!

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