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February 2012




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Fifteen years old. This girl is FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. I can’t even concentrate on writing a quality post with this song playing… That’s how amazing she is. Just stop what you’re doing and take 3:34 of your day to listen to this talented youngin’. She goes by the name Birdy, a UK top 20 sensation. Birdy (Jasmine van den Bogaerde), grew up playing the piano and began composing at 7 (prodigy, clearly), and at 14 she released her own version of “Skinny Love”. To boost this girl’s claim to fame even higher, “Skinny Love” (Birdy cover) was featured in an episode of Vampire Diaries. I’m still yet to accomplish half of what this 15 year old has! Over achiever… (I say that in pure jealousy). Anyways! Give it a listen.

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