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March 2013



Brandy’s Biggest Fan

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I’m not one to enter contests (especially since I basically have the longest running losing streak of life), but this particular contest really caught my interest. The contest includes putting together some sort of creative portrayal of your number one fan-dom of Brandy Melville and entering it as a video response on the Brandy YouTube page. And because I have an unhealthy Brandy addiction… and a love for YouTube and making videos… I figured it would be silly of me not to enter! I’ve got nothing to lose, so I put together a 60 second (well 58 seconds to be exact) Brandy Melville collection video as my entry and also for your enjoyment! The winner gets access to the new Toronto location opening at Yorkdale mall and a $100 giftcard, so fingers crossed everybody! Throw me a thumbs up for good luck if you’re feeling nice. Thanks for the support my lovelies!

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