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April 2013



DIY: 3 Makeup Brush Holders

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For some reason I’ve always had an obsession with creating cute little displays with all my makeup. And obviously these displays last all of 24 hours until my makeup gets used again and the display ends up disheveled and variously scattered in different places. BUT in those short 24 hours, I loved the look of my carefully arranged makeup. One of the easiest and cutest ways to spruce up your makeup display (if you’re anything like me with this display obsession), is to add some cute touches to your makeup brush holders! It’s an easy way to cute-ify the display and the best part is that it’s a permanent fixture to the display since brushes will only come and go. So I’ve devised 3 super simple and easy ways to transform your makeup brush holders into a super cute addition to your makeup displays.

Glass Jars – Dollar Store
Glue Gun – Walmart
Pearl Beads – Dollar Store
Letter Stickers – Dollar Store
Candle Stick – Dollar Store
Twine/Hemp – Dollar Store (Craft stores would have this too)
Makeup Brushes – ELF, Quo, various stores!

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