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June 2012



DIY: fishtail string bracelet

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Another DIY! I wish I could put out new videos/DIYs this fast all the time! This tutorial is super easy and really cute for summer. For some reason, by the end of every summer I find myself with like a thousand different bracelets bought at random beach shops, boutiques or string ones made with friends. This bracelet is perfect for those with a short attention span or not much patience for making bracelets, I swear it’s sooooo easy!

Left: the bracelet made for the bf (hence the colours…) and the bracelet that I made in the video!
Right: the bracelets that I’ve previously made


I also finally figured out how to make my videos HD, so they’ll be MUCH better quality from now on. (I can make a website but can’t export a video in HD…. hmmmm..)


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