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July 2013



DIY: Ombre/Tie Dye Sundress

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Okay so I know that the summer we’re having isn’t even really summer, it’s basically summer on steroids, but this is a perfect DIY for a cute summer coverup for the beach, pool or summer day outing! I was contacted via tumblr by a girl who requested this really cute tie dyed dress from urban outfitters, and I really only used the dress as inspiration as you’ll see that my dress looks absolutely nothing like the UO one (I got a little dye crazy!). This is also a great DIY to just go wild with your creativity, there’s no rules when it comes to tie dying!!

Tie Dye Kit – Michaels
Spray Bottles – Dollar Store
Oversized Shirt/Dress (size 12) – H&M
White Fitted Underdress – H&M
Sunglasses – Nine West
Belt – Forever 21
Top in Intro/Outro – Garage

1. scrunch/pinch the shirt into small bunches
2. thoroughly cover the scrunched shirt with the first colour
3. unscrunch and rescrunch the shirt
4. cover the shirt with the second colour
5. repeat for desired number of colours!
6. hand wash with cold water until the water runs clear
7. machine wash with dark coloured towels/by itself for the first few washes!

Tumblr suggestion dress


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