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April 2013



DIY: Perfectly Destroyed Denim

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One of my favourite trends that’s finally making its way into most mainstream stores is high waisted denim! Whether it be high waisted jeans or high waisted shorts, I’m loving it all and couldn’t wait to get a DIY going to show you guys how to do it at home! So now that we’re finally in the transition period from winter to spring (at least here in Toronto – longest winter of life), I’ve dug out my high waisted shorts from last season and made a quick trip to my local thrift shop to pick up a few new pairs to destroy. In this video I’m showing you my all time favourite way to get that perfectly-destroyed-urban-outfitters-quality-shorts, with a pair of under $5 jeans, scissors and tweezers! There are also a ton of other methods and techniques to get this look (ie. knives, sandpaper, nail files), but from my experience I’ve found that this is the easiest and quickest way to get that perfectly rugged style. Enjoy!



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