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March 2012



Glitter Phone Case

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I finally got my hands on some glitter powder (which was originally the plan for my first phone case DIY), and I loved the result! Here’s what you need:

Mod podge, glitter powder, phone case, paintbrush & clear gloss sealing spray (not shown).

Put a decently thick layer of mod podge over the case.

Don’t worry about making it perfect, this is just your first layer.

Pour some glitter powder on the mod podge and shake it softly side to side in attempt to cover as much as possible on your first layer.

Let the first layer dry and add more layers as needed until the case is completely covered.

When the glitter is completely dry, give the case an even coat with some gloss sealing spray. Apply as many coats as needed (or until the sparkles don’t come off).

And that’s it! An under $10 DIY phone case!


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