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July 2013



No Heat Curls For Summer!

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I’ve tried just about everything in the book to get great curls without using any (or minimal) heat. I’ve done the headband, the sock bun, the rope braid, you name it – I’ve done it. The biggest issue I find with each of these methods is that all of them tend to leave some kind of marking on your hair, whether it’s from an elastic, clip or headband. So although this method isn’t the most convenient time-wise (but let’s get real – it’s really not comfortable to sleep with your hair pincurled to your head) I find that it gives the best results with NO MARKINGS!! Here’s how:

*and yes, I know I accidentally put in the same clip twice!

Optional: Apply a curl defining mousse/product.
1. On 90% dry hair, separate your layers (if any), and curl the shortest layer away from your face and fasten the twist above your ear
2. Twist the remaining hair to the end and fasten to your shirt with a toothless clip
3. Repeat on the opposite side of your hair, making sure to twist away from you face.

Hair Clips: Shoppers Drug Mart
Moroccan Oil: Salon (you can find it online/any high end salon)
Garnier Fructis Full Control Anti-Humidity Hairspray (with natural bamboo extract): Shoppers Drug Mart
Teasing Comb: Sallys Beauty Supply
**My hair is professionally ombre-ed and was done in two sittings**

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