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July 2013



Ombre Hair Extensions

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Now that my hair has finally reached a length where extensions aren’t a daily thing, I’ve put the good ol’ hairs into hibernation. But back in the day where I was struggling to get past my boobs (few years back), extensions were my absolute best friend to help bridge the gap between long hair and the awkward length I was at. From time to time I will give the extensions a night out if I’m going to a special event or just feel like having a thick mane of hair, especially when I feel like curling my hair, as I feel as if extensions always add that extra little “oomph” that you need for perfectly curled hair. ANWAYS, VpFashion reached out to me to review a set of their ombre extensions, as ombre extensions aren’t something you stumble across everyday. I was accurately matched, chose a style and length, and voila! They were at my door for reviewing. VpFashion was also kind enough to provide a discount code to my lovely viewers and readers! So here’s what I thought!

All About The Extensions!

20 inch 3-Colors Ombre Indian Remy Clip In Hair Extensions
8 piece, 115 grams

In the blank “Referred by YTB Guru” use code: LaurDIY1127 for an $8 coupon!

My Set
Hair length: 20 inch
Hair texture: wavy silky
My Colours:
Top – #1b off black (25% of the hair)
Middle – #3 medium dark brown (25% of the hair)
Bottom – #27 honey blonde (50% of the hair)

VPFashion Online
VPFashion’s Facebook
** done in two sittings by a professional!!

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