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July 2013



The Ultimate Guide to Improving/Growing Your Channel/Blog

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Calling all YouTubers and Bloggers! My most frequently asked questions are usually pertaining to growing a YouTube channel, for example: getting subscribers, getting views, starting a channel, how to deal with hate, etc! I’ve also had a ton of questions directed to my tumblr about what the best first video is and such! So I’ve decided to answer every YouTube/blog related question that I could come up with/have ever been asked to hopefully offer some advice and tips for those of you who find yourselves struggling to up your view count or start a channel! I can’t guarantee millions of subscribers or free products being sent to your door due to your blogging success, but I can promise you that these tips will help improve the chance of getting more views and in turn becoming more popular! (Because in all reality, we all want our blog/youtube child to be watched and read). I’ve also targeted the times in the video that help separate the topics (cause this bad boy got a TON of information in it). So again, I apologize for the length, but I seriously just tried to cram in as much advice and information into one video as possible.

Camera: Canon T3i
Editing Software: iMovie
Lights: (not the exact ones, but a similar set)…

Blog Platform:
Web Host:
URL purchased through Web Host
Blog Theme: designed by me, coded by a web designer (I will not be giving out my web designer’s information)

0:45 Being yourself.
1:22 Having the best quality videos within your budget. Cameras, editing software, lighting & my set up.
4:48 Getting more views/subscribers.
5:11 Making friends within the beauty community & suitable comments advertising your channel.
6:34 Social media.
8:00 Using YouTube to its fullest potential: Tags, Titles & Video Responses.
10:07 Getting discouraged about not growing.
12:10 The steps of creating a website/blog: Choosing a platform, Host & Theme.

Questions from Instagram
15:50 What’s the best type of first video?
16:13 How to protect your personal information as a YouTuber.
16:50 How fast did you get a lot of viewers?
17:28 Is it hard to balance filming, editing, school and life?
18:00 Will making friends with famous YouTubers help you get famous?
19:00 How do you name your blog/channel?
19:58 How to handle people knowing about your channel?
20:20 How do you become a YouTube partner?
21:10 Do you think a channel can have different aims? Ie. business advice, fashion, advice etc.
21:39 How to get your blog noticed?
22:37 How to deal with people bullying you about your channel/blog.
24:00 What’s the best camera to use, is YouTube what you expected it to be, how long does it take to film/edit/upload?

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