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July 2013



The (very late) Official Launch of Lucky Deer Cases!

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I can’t believe how big of a slacker I’ve been lately on these blog posts!! My excuse is that YouTube is actually pretty demanding in terms of upload frequency and interacting with my subscribers. But it all started here on D&I so I have to make sure I don’t get too far behind! If you lovely readers remember, I spoke about a super exciting project that I had been working on for a while (I think I first mentioned it in one of my Puerto Vallarta vlogs), and I also had a giveaway video where I asked you guys to help pick the 5th case in the LDCase line. Well Lucky Deer Cases is has come to life in the form of 5 different designs! I can’t thank you all enough for letting this happen, because without all of you and your support this would never have been possible. This is for you!

I also just wanted to reinforce that if you have any questions please read the FAQ prior to emailing/getting in contact with me! I answered pretty much every question under the sun that you might have to make it easier for you and me! :)

Link to the Lucky Deer Case Online Store

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