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March 2012



Welcome to Style by Little J

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Not only is this successful fashion blogger doing amazing for herself with a bright future ahead, but she is also a close friend of mine (lucky me, right!). Little Jay¬†features articles on the hottest trends, news in the fashion industry, beauty, lifestyle and much more! I guarantee you’ll find something that sparks an interest, catches your eye or one ups your knowledge on the ever-changing fashion industry (I can barely keep up with her blog let alone the industry…).

A few days ago, D&I was featured on Little J! You can check out the article¬†here! Being ever-so-flattered, I figured the least I could do in return was share this up and coming fashion blog. You’ll thank me in a year or so, when Little Jay is ranked as No.1 fashion go-to blog, and you’ve known about it way before the mass amounts of fans. Take a few minutes to read up her latest!

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