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April 2013



What’s In My Purse

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So…. I somehow completely forgot to make a post about my most recent video, and only posted it to YouTube! My deepest apologies to those who follow my videos on my website, I owe you guys! School is beyond crazy right now as I’m ending my second year at University, so unfortunately YouTube has taken kind of an attention hit lately as school has to be priority (which is so wrong). But nonetheless, I will still have a video up tomorrow for my weekly Sunday video, and again I’m sorry this was delayed! You can always subscribe to my YouTube channel for instant updates on when I upload (just in case this happens again… which I promise it wont!). I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do a “What’s in My Purse” themed video, and I thought it would be more real if I literally just filmed exactly what was in my purse. Girls seem to clean up their bags to a totally unrealistic state, to the point where we all know they do not keep their purses that neat. Because seriously, name one girl who has an insanely clean purse. So enjoy my purse contents!

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